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New comp

2007-09-23 00:43:28 by LurkerPatrol

First news post, like anyone is going to read it, but I got a new computer a week ago! Yay! Now I can play F.E.A.R. and HL2 and stuff without any lag or problems. Woot!


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2007-10-21 11:08:05

i red it! D: grats on the new comp, just got a new one myself a month ago or so :D built it myself infact. go HL2! hl2DM is awesome.

LurkerPatrol responds:

Thanks bro! :D

Congrats to you as well. Maybe we can hit up CSS sometime. Enjoy HL2 in the meantime :P. My new favorite is CoD4, I absolutely love the game. Killin terrorists is fun XD.